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"Nanci is an amazing healer. Through her gifts, specifically

working with surgeons on the other side and ability to read

past lives, I have received more healing and pain relief than all

the hours spent with medical doctors. I have had three

lumbar surgeries and a cervical surgery. I was unable to sleep

on my back with my legs elevated for more than 10 minutes or

stand longer than 10 minutes without my pain level shooting to

an 8 or 9. Now I am able to sleep on my back (with my legs

elevated) and stand in one place for an hour or more.

Not only have I experienced physical pain relief but also pain

relief in my heart and soul. From Nanci’s sight into my past

lives as well as my current life, I have come to intellectually

and emotionally understand why I am living the life I am.

Working with Nanci I have become stronger emotionally,

spiritually, physically, and intellectually. For the first time in

my life, I am excited about the new adventures that lay


Shannon F.

Rasha on 2/27/2018 3:31 PM

Dear Nanci , I always feel that I’m not lucky...but when i met you yesterday on the plane 40000 feet high in the sky I really felt I’m lucky “i got my luck back “ Thanks for helping my mother and helping me gave me energy of love and hope my mother is feeling better, ..I wish to see you again but if we will not i will never forget you for my whole life... I’ve met you once but I know you and I love you as if I met you for hundreds of times Your face is full of light You are the most kind heart I’ve ever seen Thanks Nanci


"Working with Nanci was one of the best healing decisions I have ever made. I work at lot on healing from traumatic abuse and loving myself in even deeper ways. What Nanci and her surgeons were able to do for me was light years faster, deeply profound and lasting. That catapulted me past yucky feelings of low self-esteem and subconscious guilt of not feeling good enough that I couldn't seem to shake. That underlying tension is gone. Amen! The best part of working with Nanci is her safe, genuine loving nature. It's easy to open o her and her laughter will have you laughing even if you're crying. I highly recommend trying Nanci's unique healing style."

Bonnie C. Everett, WA


"WOW! What a session! I've been fully healed! I will need a new weeks to recuperate after lifelong illnesses but what a difference a day makes! I found out my star family of origin and reunited with them karmically on a different dimension. Doors are opening to me in ways I've never imagined--all in only 2 one hour sessions!

Thank you, Nanci, from the bottom of my grateful heart!"


"For many years I've struggled with a black cloud of unhappiness, fear and anxiety. I met Nanci at a meeting and from the moment I met her she felt my pain. I have been to other healers but did not feel healed. Today I feel like the bricks that had been weighing me down have been lifted. Nanci is the real deal and I would highly recommend her. Thank you words cannot tell you how much I appreciate this day. I feel like I got my life back."

And...a few days later.....

"Good news! No panic attacks on the freeway today! So Happy!

I'm feeling like a new person! I feel very blessed to have met you and blessed for the healing that has begun. You have an amazing gift!

I'm so grateful too for the doctors, angels, guides and animals that helped me get well. And for connecting with my father!

Terry Watton, Edmonds, WA


"Nanci Drew is an amazing intuitive healer, who with the help of her guidance and angels has helped bring forth energies in my body that needed to be healed. Through Nanci's new gift of psychic surgery, I feel that I won't be "stuck" any longer in patterns that stopped me from moving forward in my spiritual growth. During my session, I felt myself sit up straighter...sinuses started draining..a subtle spin as they brought in a merkaba for my healing. I was also given affirmations that will help me stop patterns of negativity. Thank you Nanci and her divine team!!!"

Shelley Smith, A PATH TO AVALON, Arlington, WA


"Nanci, your work is wonderful. Keep up the energy. I am happy I can now hear on the phone. I haven't put the phone to my right ear in a long time and its clear. Thanks again. Love your gift!"

Randy Bill


"Nanci is amazing and I recommend her to everyone. Recently she performed psychic surgery on me, removing fear from me. The experience was incredible. The long term affects are not yet known, but I know from experience with Nanci that she is an incredible healer. A few years ago I had a leg infection and was hospitalized for 98 days. The doctors were not sure they would be able to save my leg. Nanci came to the facility multiple times and performed healings on my leg. It started to heal faster than anyone expected. I am 100% convinced that Nanci saved my leg. I am also convinced that long term, this recent psychic surgery will only bring wonderful benefits my way. I already feel I can breathe better and I can't wait to see what comes next. Nanci is THE BEST. I highly recommend her."

Debby Silence, Everett, WA


"I saw Nanci Drew about a week ago. I was complaining about my lower back hurting. I wake up every morning hardly able to move because of my back. Nanci did psychic surgery on me and it was one of the best things that could've happened to me; not only am I waking up pain free and able to move, but she gave me information to help me move forward to a healthier life. Nanci is a wonderful person with amazing gifts. I look forward to time with her again. Thank you Nanci for making my life better!"

Julie Grey


Muffy bearo on 2/17/2019 8:51 PM

Nanci is brilliant talented innovative compassionate gifted brilliant tenacious and generous. She worksbtirelessly and selflessly to help everyone. Thank God for nanci. Xoxoxo


" Nanci, you are amazing! I have been trying to self talk myself into making changes in my life but so much of what you said today was validating that I am on the right track. You were just what I needed right now You and your guides were so helpful! So many times today during our session, I felt this incredible feeling that I can't begin to explain - again validating what I have been hearing in my head but not listening to or applying. What an incredible experience. You have changed my world-I am certain!"

Lynn Nash, Everett, WA


"I met Nanci many years ago, but didn’t know her well; just enjoyed her company, but wasn’t aware of her involvement or interest in the healing arts. A few years ago I mentioned to her in passing that I had a problem with a toe that had not healed properly after surgery. There was no physical anomaly that showed up on x-rays, and the podiatrist had given me several courses of steroids to try to ameliorate the problem. I had also gone to a physical therapist, to no avail.

Nanci offered to try a Reiki-like massage, a modality which was unfamiliar to me. She began, and I expected to have a conventional massage. After a while, when I had felt no direct physical contact, I looked to see what was going on and found that Nanci was moving around my foot. Simultaneously I felt a sense of energy flowing through my body; I closed my eyes and again experienced what I can only describe as a river begin to move in me. Nanci finished the session. The pain and discomfort has not returned in more than two years. Recently my shoulder sustained an injury and once again conventional practices failed to correct the problem. I asked Nanci to give it a try. The problem no longer exists.


I am not a follower of many of the forms of alternative healing; not particularly inclined to go outside the norm of accepted Eastern or Western medicine. Except that now I have added Nanci to the list of my preferred practitioners because I believe that she has an incredibly strong ability to heal. Understanding that there is a strong mind-body connection doesn't really explain how powerful her abilities are. I was not initially skeptical but neither did I believe in what she does. I do now, at least with her.

Quite simply put, the woman is amazing. I will continue to seek Nanci out for her incredible ability and I know her talent will be of huge benefit to those who encounter her healing powers."

Lee Klastorin Bellevue, WA


"Nanci is a spiritual PhD. She is a doctor of Spirit. Spirit has given her many talents and abilities that He will not entrust in many others. Nanci is a pure healer of the Sun and moves energy from the elements. She is currently in a growth period. I highly encourage anyone to be a part of her growth. She can cleanse, purge, protect, rebuild and energize all areas of your life. She can also activate parts of your spirituality that have fallen asleep. I owe my peace of mind and relationship with Spirit to her. Every time I meet with Nanci, I get a fresh start in life. I think that is something everyone can benefit from. Thank you Nanci, I love you."

Leley Snohomish, WA


"Sense of peace, being able to breathe deeply again. Sense of "rightness" and hope as a result of healing. Thank you!"

Lisa Adolf Everett, WA


"To sum up my experience-VALIDATING!!!"

Denise Burns Everett, WA


"I feel like a world of possibility has opened for me. I feel lighter, cleaner and more introspective. I came in not knowing what to expect and left with a sense of calm and quiet excitement."

Sharon Benton Redmond, WA


"I still have the shivers! Everything Nanci helped me with resonated strongly for me. A million blessings for you ,my friend."

Lorien Wendt Issaquah, WA


"I came in feeling unsure about this new path in front of me. I now feel as if I am in the right place for all the reasons I knew to be true but was unable to trust in. Thank you again."

Stacey King Marysville, WA


"Sensitive! Enlightening! Insightful! Thanks so much, Nanci."

Suzanne Schaefer Everett, WA

"I felt rejuvenated. My sense of connection with the universe- Nanci you helped us come together again. My soul feels brighter than the sun. I enjoyed hearing about my past lives and the known-but unconfirmed (until now) connection with them. They made me who I am in one context or another so I enjoyed hearing about them. Thank you Nanci and the universe for giving me the knowledge and courage to exercise my existence to its potential, not only to impact me but I hope I impact the ones around me in a positive manner."

Dawn Brown Lake Stevens, WA

"Nanci does incredible work-very unique, specialized and personable. What she said resonated deeply with me. I could feel energy move-warm, calming, settling. Nanci is a very special person with an intimate, caring, loving style. Thank you."

Rose Perry Everett, WA


"I have felt a need for a new level of healing. I feel Nanci helped me to integrate new Earth Energies with my own Lynne energies! I had a pituitary tumor 2 years ago and lost vision in my left eye. I felt myself emerging from a "cocoon" of resting energies during this healing, It is time to wake up! It's safe to see! I felt Yogananda, Jesus and Mother Mary. G-d is Omnipresent! They are with me always! Thank you Nanci for planting this bright seed in Everett!!"

Lynne Ludlum Lynnwood, WA


"Generous. Enthusiastic. Joyful. These are words I would use to describe Nanci. I was fortunate to have a session with Nanci in person and a session over the phone (from opposite coasts). In person, Nanci shared her talents with a group of us quite generously. She was willing to help us in any way that she could and used her talents for our highest good. I was grateful to have met her and so fortunate to be on the receiving end of her healing talents. Over the phone, Nanci was equally generous and was able to have a session with me within 24 hours of contacting her. As a practitioner, she is highly motivated and eager to help. I highly endorse working with Nanci and look forward to our future sessions."

Julie A. Cantrel Maryland

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