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Hi! Welcome to my website! I'm glad you are here!



My name is Nanci Drew (yes, REALLY!)


I am a Shamanic Intuitive Healer, Psychic Surgeon, Reader, Channeler, Medium, World Traveler and Energy Worker who has been blessed with an amazing ability to heal people's pasts, release blockages and restore energy. I have done thousands of readings over the years and have been told many times that I am a "crystal clear channel of divine energy". I work with the energy of Pure Love. I love to travel to sacred sites and work with the energy. I have been to Egypt four times, Sedona more times than I can remember, Easter Island,the Atacama Desert in Chile, Chichen Itza and Machu Picchu. I have the ability to give readings and spiritual guidance to enlighten, validate and point people in the right direction so they can follow their paths to live"happily ever after".






I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER AND GIVE YOU CLARITY. Essentially, I can restore people to their original energetic state so they regain their power to live a more balanced life. In addition, I align, cleanse and balance the chakras in the body so they are functioning at their full potential.


Sometimes a person feels "out-of-sorts." They may feel really down and depressed for no apparent reason. Their energy level has diminished considerably and they no longer feel like their normal self. Possibly their fuse is shorter than normal or they have pain in their body that the doctors can't diagnose. It is possible the person has picked up an energetic attachment that is feeding off their energy. Usually I have the ability to remove these type of attachments and the client IMMEDIATELY feels tremendous relief.



I can assist you in finding your purpose. Really. With spiritual guidance, we can explore your heart's desire, to enable you to follow that path to happiness and abundance! I can often tell you where your soul originated and why you incarnated into this lifetime.





I can give you psychic information that is usually quite accurate. My job is not to predict people's futures but it is to help them create their best possible future. However, I am able to channel spiritual guidance, wisdom, and the Akashic Records to give my clients insight, messages, clarification, validation, enlighten-ment and suggestions to empower them on their journey through life. I always work only with the Highest and Best and the Love Vibration and I am blessed to receive guidance from the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians and other benevolent star beings and our Ancient Ancestors as well as interdimentional beings.



It is not at all uncommon for Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, The Holy Spirit, Angels, Kuan Yin and Egyptian Deities or other helpers to show up during my sessions. What makes me truly unique is my ability to speak and sing in Light Language...the tone and frequency of the language alone is healing, not to mention to messages that come through. I speak Lemurian, Pleiadian, Ancient Hawaiian, American Indian and Atlantean...just to name a few!!!!



I am also a Medium. Often when I am working with a client, their deceased loved ones (including animals!) come for a visit with messages. In addition, I can do past life healings, heal old karma and fix emotional and spiritual issues. I repair and remove "energy cords" from the body which drain personal power to restore the life force energy, aka "chi", in the body. By doing this work, it is possible for the body to heal itself from its physical and mental ailments, but, of course, I cannot guarantee that.



I sense the energy of any elementals, aka "nature spirits", that may be working with my client and the client usually verifies an attraction to these beings. I often work with fairies, mermaids, and angelic beings. I also can recognize and identify alien energy and help people not from the earth plane to understand their origin better and help them figure out why they always felt so different from those around them. I utilize the gifts of the mineral kingdom in my healings. Often it is clear a client may need a certain crystal to facilitate the healing process.



Sometimes a client may need a little bit of "magic" that the Universe whips up just for them! It is very common to experience real MIRACLES during a session. DNA changes and old karma clears. It is awesome to see the magic unfold before my eyes!


Spirit sometimes prescribes Egyptian oils for my clients that I brought home from Egypt in my suitcase from a very well respected perfumery. They are magical to open chakras and assist in other ways!


With the assistance of doctors on the other side, I have been performing successful PSYCHIC SURGERIES, similar to the work done by the famous John of God, who I went to visit a few years ago. We have had thrilling results with physical and emotional pain!!!!



My sessions are done with humor and joy. My goal is to enlighten and empower as well as heal, and have my clients leave feeling relaxed, lighter, validated, optimistic and hopeful about their future.



Since I am working with energy, I am able to do distance healings as well as work on clients in person. I love working with cats and dogs too. It is my joy to work on any living thing, as long as they are open and willing to receiving a healing.







As far as credentials in the "mundane" world, I graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas in Austin with a B.A. in Sociology, specializing in Race and Ethnic Relations. My path has taken me down many career roads...I did some work in the medical field, spent many years in the oil business, did paralegal work, was a commercial sales rep for a bakery, owned a paint-your-own ceramic studio, "ghost wrote" people's biographies, dabbled in many forms of creative art and raised a son and numerous pets. I have spent a good portion of my life volunteering, usually working with children. I was once Big Sister of the Year.



From the school of life, I share similar experiences with many of my clients, I have been divorced twice. I was a single loving mom to my adopted (now estranged) son. I came from a very dysfunctional family. I understand words like guilt, shame, incest and giving away my power to other people.



After years of hard work and soul searching, I have gotten closer and closer to my core and I feel free for the first time in my life! I have never been happier or more at peace.

Working on oneself is a never-ending job. You address and conquer one issue and another one pops up! I am always working on self-improvement so I can be the best I can be. Therefore, I am constantly consulting with other readers and going to qualified practitioners for my own healing.


My passion has always been people, art and what I call "woo-woo". I have taken Reiki I and II (a couple of times), and have been a metaphysical student for many years, reading books, working with mentors and taking classes and workshops on many different modalities. Unlike people who know from birth that they have "the gift", I have been working for years to develop and recognize mine. You too may have gifts that are dormant, ready to be activated!



I have been directed by the Universe to be of service and help as many people as possible to prepare them for the dramatic changes we are experiencing everyday in the New Vibration. There is NOTHING that makes me happier than helping other people feel better. Please allow me to guide you.

Be sure to check out my Testimonial Page or Google my name!!!!!

Nothing says it better than my beloved clients.

In no way do I claim to be a miracle worker. The services that I provide have a history of helping people in the ways described but I cannot guarantee the outcome. Those who come to me are seeking spiritual insight and I recommend they do so in conjunction with scheduled routine checkups from a licensed health care practitioner.

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